The Oberon Theatre Ensemble is an active player in New York’s independent theatre community. Now in our 14th season, we combine classic, contemporary, and new works in repertory. We believe in the joy of a well told story, the connection offered by a supportive community, and the magic of the theatre. More

Last Season
Oberon presented a world premiere of:


by Christopher Boal

"priceless...hilariously played" NY Times



"a quality production" "poetic staging"

At the Midtown International Festival, Oberon presented:

by Duncan Pflaster

Nominated for 11 Awards

Oberon Originals


Oberon Theatre Ensemble has established a proud tradition of staged readings of original plays, dating from our very first year. Here are some of the plays we have read.

An Ignorant Man

by Richard Manley

directed by Don Harvey

with Dyanne Court, Simon Feil, Jacqueline Kroschell, Gabe Bettio, Mary Sheridan, John Edward Kelley

"An Ignorant Man" is a literate comedy. On the surface, it celebrates word play and the notion that even the intolerant need love. On a deeper level, however, it challenges the audience to think about the difference between mere conversation and true communication: the idea that language, when used by those who respect its potential, can be a force to inspire, provoke, and enchant.

The Empress of Sex

by Duncan Pflaster

directed by Joan Kane with: Walter Brandes, Clara Barton Green,
Eric C. Bailey, Simon Feil, Jessica Vera, Zak Risinger, Eric Percival, Jeanine Bartel, Nicholas Santasier, Viet Vo, Laura Siner, William Allgood, Doug Rossi, Colin Chapin, Christine Seisler, Amada Anderson, Veronica Figueroa, Elaine Marlowe
A woman, spurned in love, finds a deserted island and sets herself up as The Empress Salacia, decreeing that there shall be no love allowed in her domain, only sex. She gathers some sybaritic acolytes, and all is frolicsome mindless fun until Salacia's ex-lover Agis comes to the island in disguise, to attempt to win her back.


by Lisa del Russo

directed by Kathy Curtiss

with: *Mac Brydon, *Joy Farmer Clary, *Jane Courtney, *Brad Fryman, , *John Keating, Eileen Lacy, *Laoisa Sexton

"Samaritan" is a drama set in 1980's London which explores the challenges of human intimacy and coping with life's vicissitudes. The well-meaning volunteers who answer troubled, lonely, and suicidal calls 24/7 are themselves in need of guidance and support. We're all desperately seeking real connections.

Home Fires Burning

by Chris Ceraso

directed by Dianna Martin

with: *Brad Fryman, *Laura Siner, Christine Verleny, Michael Wetherbee

A West Virginia coal miner hopes to have a second chance at life and love, but when his wayward son returns in the wake of his parents' divorce hellbent on saving his family, four lives are pushed to the edge. A play about tolerance, intolerance, love and hate in today's American heartland.

Reading in April '09

Spring 2011 Readings

Fun and Games 

by Joshua H. Cohen

Directed by Walter Brandes

Gregor Mendel

by KJ Crane

Directed by Gillian Riley
A brilliant monk, Gregor Mendel, acknowledged today as the Father of Genetics, challenges the narrow-minded, Darwin-infatuated scientific community of 19th Century Europe. Like his predecessor, Galileo, he single-handedly battles the encroachment of the State, and the intrigues, politics, and betrayals within his own monastery.



by Rob Smith

Directed by Noah Himmelstein
Macie survived cancer at an early age with the support of her new husband, but when it returns a few years later, she desires one final wish. . . a one-night stand with a former lover. Is it an act of betrayal or an act of love?

The Giant

by Chris Boal

Director Mark Karafin
Christopher Boal's biting new comedy, the 2nd in the NY Trilogy, explores the wages of money, fame, family values and pets, as a fully dysfunctional theatrical family gather for a Christmas holiday meal

Oberon Originals - Reading Series

Winter 2010 Readings

Fun and Games by Joshua H. Cohen
Gregor Mendel by KJ Crane
Underneath by Rob Smith
The Giant by Chris Boal

An Ignorant Man by Richard Manley
The Empress of Sex by Duncan Pflaster
Samaritan by Lisa del Russo
Home Fires Burning by Chris Ceraso

The Fiend by Steven Fechter
The Proper Technique by Norman Beim
An Evening of Dating & Conspiracy: Five Short Plays by Walter Brandes
Tropical Heat by Rich Orloff

David's Play by Tom Rowan
Icarus Reaches by Scott Brooks
The Artifacts by Steven Fechter
Two One-Acts: Krueger and Dream House by Zach Calhoun

The Starship Astrov, by Duncan Pflaster
The Family Shakespeare, by David Stallings
Where Art Lives, Michael Thomas Cain
The Necessary Disposal, by Bob Ost
Cannibals Alone, by Steph DeFerie
Turn Around, Jimmy Booker, by Richard Alfredo
Insecurity! the Recession-Proof Musical, Music, Lyrics and Book by Mickey Zetts
The Harvesters & Paint, by Zack Calhoon

Keep On Truckin' - It's War! by Walter Brandes
Phaeton by Michael Milligan
Ampersand by David L. Williams
Ye Olde Madcap Inn by Lisa Ferber
Our Lady of Sandwich by Mario Baldessari & Keith Bridges
Pawn Shop Accordions by Jonathan Wallace
Wrestling the Alligator / Slots by Sergei Burbank
Teen Party Massacre the Musical by Justin R G Holcomb & John D. Ivy

A Thousand Variations on a Lie Told Once by Stacy Lane
Order by Chris Boal
Burglar of Suburbia by P. Seth Bauer
They Wrestled til Morning by Tony Giordano

Signs of Life by Debra Brevoort
There Are No Blue Flowers in the Tropics by Lannie Hill
The Court of Two Sisters by Whitney Hamilton

All Other Nights by Barry Brodsky
Feasting on Cardigans by Mark Eisman
Lost Children by Aurin Squire
Pound by Sean O'Leary
Goat by Arthur Kraft Thomasson
Such Stuff by Ruth Cantrell
Crazy for the Dog by Chris Boal
An Ode to Zeus by Stephen Peace
Obective: Find Love Find Love Find Love by Walter Brandes

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, adapted by Denise Verrico

The Virgin and the Dynamo by Jerrell Nickerson
Famous for Fifteen Years by Jaime Pachino
Attempting Fate by Denise Verrico
The Thistle Dwellers by Whitney Hamilton
Dodge & Burn by Joe Schick
Ismay Sinks! by Donovan Johnson
I, Unseen by Marika Mashburn
Belles of the Mill by Rachel Rubin

Boswell on the Town adapted from Henry Fielding novel
Sky Fossils by Lisa Hamberton
The Tragedy of Frankenstein by William Gilmore
Union by Whitney Hamilton

Finding Louise by Donovan Johnson
Consumption by Bruce Cohen

Run, Run, From the Setting of the Sun by Doug Rutledge
Tainted Blood
Her Eyes Like Diamonds by Lannie Hill
The Kissing Wall by John Thornberry
Nine Monologues of Experience by Lannie Hill
Uncle Alton by Lannie Hill
The Twentieth Century by John Thornberry
Pieces of Seven by Donovan Johnson